Refund And Cancellation Policy


Although DWJ VIP SERVICES strives to offer the highest standards of quality, safety and customer satisfaction, we are not safe from any unexpected event that may occur before or during your vacation. Therefore, please see our refund and cancellation policy below.

Terms and Conditions

The information below establishes the refund and cancellation policy for online pre-reservations, as well as direct purchases through WhatsApp, social networks, allied pages, on the DWJ VIP SERVICES site.

1. Refund will be provided as follows.

-If they cancel before 24 hours, 10% of the service is charged,

-If you cancel before 12 hours you will be charged 20%

-If you cancel before 8 o’clock, you are charged 100% or if the client does not show up for the activity, it is not refunded.

2. There is no fee, in case of…

• Transfer canceled by DWJ VIP SERVICES

• the activity cannot be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions.

• Medical reasons

The conditions may differ for group reservations, as well as for rentals and private trips.

3. Buy through third parties

In the event of cancellation of services purchased through another website or agency, please contact them directly and follow their Refund and Cancellation Policy.

4. Force Majeure

In the unlikely event of Force Majeure, DWJ VIP SERVICES will offer a voucher for the purchased service, valid for 1 year from the initial date of activity. If a voucher is not acceptable to you, we will ask for your patience and give us some time.

Please note that we cannot refund any type of fee, which is charged or paid to a third party, such as PayPal or a bank.

The refund will be issued to the payment method that the client provides us and that is feasible for DWJ VIP SERVICES, the client providing us with the beneficiary information and the information from where we must reimburse the payment, the client agreeing that if it is an international transfer It takes several days to reach your account. Accreditation terms are subject to existing national and international bank clearing regulations that are not controlled by DWJ VIP SERVICES. and that the additional charges generated by that deposit to the client will be charged to the same amount of return.

If the client cancels the payment with his bank or credit card and the payment does not reach the company’s account, the client will be notified by email or by contacting his supplied telephone number or (via whatsapp) so that he can pay his arrival.

If the client makes payments in dollars through the page, the charge could be generated in Dominican pesos at the current exchange rate of the receiving bank.

DWJ VIP SERVICES strives to provide excellent customer service and guest satisfaction. Therefore, please direct any type of issue directly to our team, as this is where we can best serve you.

Thank you for joining DWJ VIP SERVICES!

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